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municipal services


McCann’s Underground, Inc. has many solutions at the ready for problematic pipelines. Grouting, spot repairs, and complete lateral or sewer main relining can be cost effective and prompt.


In the interest of protecting public health, as well as extending the life of municipal investment, sewer systems must be routinely cleaned and maintained.


In order to accurately assess sewer conditions, identify current or potential problems McCann’s Underground, Inc. uses video pipe inspection as its most trusted and efficient approach.

residential & commercial services

Have a slow drain? Plugged toilet? Sewer back-up? Consider your problem solved when you call McCann’s Roto-Rooter, Inc. – An official Roto-Rooter Franchise affiliate for more than 25 years.

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easement services

off road sewer cleaning

Off road? No problem! McCann’s Underground, Inc. has you covered for all of your easement sewer service needs. We are fully equipped to handle remote points of access to make sure that hard to reach sewer is properly maintained & repaired.

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