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inspection services

worker watching a video screen showing pipe interior

Video pipe inspection is the most trusted and efficient approach to accurately assess sewer conditions, identify current or potential problems, and perform trenchless sewer maintenance and repair. Using CUES© technology, our operators guide CCTV equipment through mainlines ranging from 6” to 72” in diameter. Video inspections shed light on issues such as root infiltration, ground water infiltration, offset joints, flat sewer, cracking, deformity, breaking, and displaced pipe. By using images and data provided by McCann’s Underground, Inc., further weakening of a community sewer system, including hazards such as back-ups, sinkholes and collapse, can be prevented.

data collection

data sheet

For all video pipe inspections, McCann’s Underground, Inc. provides its clients with comprehensive reports of the data, which accompany the DVD or VHS video record. All essential information is identified for our clients, including manhole and pipe segment identification, as well as collection observations with corresponding measurements.

Need an extra copy? McCann's Underground offers its clients additional copies of DVD and VHS inspections at a low-cost, upon request.

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